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About us

Marbela Beauty is independently owned and financed beauty brands based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our team believes that there is beauty in kindness. Marbela Beauty started with the basics: simple natural ingredients, sweet luxuries that make us happy, a smile to a customer. Because when we take care of ourselves, we take care of others too.

Our products feature Tea Oil as a key ingredient and are certified cruelty-free. We retail through e-commerce, Serbian shops, and many leading retailers across the country. Founded by Maria Berova, and inspired by the Serbian traditions, Marbela Beauty helps our customers cultivate a beautiful life.

Meet the beauty team

Marbela Beauty’s company motto is: Work Hard, Never Quit, Help Women Feel Beautiful

Our Headquarters is in Marbela Beauty, Serbia, where all of our creative, marketing, and sales-related functions are located. Our team also operates offices and warehouses in other towns in the country. We are an ever-growing team and are always in need of talented individuals that believe in the power of beauty and community.

Marbela Beauty is an equal opportunity employer of all qualified persons. We actively strive to create an environment of diversity in thought, sexual orientation, minority status, religion, gender affiliation, civic and military service, mental and physical abilities.

Mission, Vission and Values


Yes, Marbela Beauty is a beauty company… But, since the very beginning, we’ve also been dedicated to supporting local artisans. We showcase their passionately curated, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items both online and in our Beauty store. Each unique piece is locally sourced from our community of artisans, which always supports skilled makers and craftspeople.


It's skincare that’s clinically tested, scientifically proven, and made for sensitive skin and sensitive women. We keep it simple and help skin with various concerns to glow and to be protected and healthy. Effective clean formulations that work with your skin, not against it.


Marbela Beauty’s Recycling Program provides a completely free, zero-waste and accessible way to upcycle all of our packaging. Just download a label, and they will turn them into new products…


It all started with our first foot spray. Back in 2019 a local heritage cosmetics maker masterfully hand-batched our first ever spray from the confines of his own garden, and from there we were introduced to a vibrant local community of talented craftspeople filled with passion and potential. Now, over 2 years later, this community consists of many Serbian artisans who are still at the heart of everything we do, and are the genius behind the handcrafted products you all have to love so much. Our customers have made a huge impact on our tiny rural economy. Marbela Beauty thanks you, and our team loves you.